I consider having my car detailed quite a luxury and have done it once before Asher and his crew. The job I received before Asher’s services, while great, didn’t blow me away… just gave me a clean car that I didn’t have to do myself. That was not the case with Asher and his crew… they cleaned things I would’ve never been able to do on my own (dead bugs I thought had turned to plastic and therefore became a part of the paint as well as scuffs that had been there since I bought it used on both the inside and outside).

Driving my car back I just couldn’t believe what they were capable of doing. I had a brand new car that was clean and ready for me to move in Colorado in! He got black scuffs (from my black scrub pants) and an old curry stain out of my seat material and just overall exceeded all of my expectations. He also was incredibly honest with me on what package would work for my car and what wouldn’t (suggesting seat covers over the ceramic coating for the seats because of the material my seats were made out of), which made it easier to trust his judgment 100% on what would work for me and my car (something you don’t always get with car service).

He also made recommendations on WeatherTech floor mats since my floor boards were carpet and I was moving to a land of lots of snow. On top of all that he applied the waterproof ceramic coating to my leather and suede boots/shoes (which didn’t ruin them in any capacity)… which was just an incredible bonus that I never thought I’d receive from a detail service (highly recommend for anyone wanting to protect their shoes). Asher and his crew are second to none and I honestly wouldn’t recommend anyone else (not even cleaning my car myself). It just doesn’t get any better with the honesty, above-and-beyond recommendation, service and result.

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