I can’t say enough about Autohaus detailing.  First off, I spoke with the owner, Asher Lutz, right from the initial call.  He took the time to explain to me what they do, why they do it, and why they are better than all the rest.  In addition, he took the time to explain to me the premium products they use and why they are superior to the cheaper products other detail companies use.  Overall, he seemed very passionate about auto detailing, not to mention very enthusiastic about detailing my truck.  Most places I called, seemed like I was annoying them with my call.  Others, didn’t even want to talk to me if I didn’t own a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but Asher was very interested in doing my lowly 2013 Toyota truck.  After speaking with Asher, there was no reason for me to look anywhere else.  The quality seemed to be what I was looking for and the price was more than fair.  Another thing that I greatly appreciated was the fact that he was able to get to me quickly which was important considering that I had spilled a 44 oz. sized protein shake all over my floorboard which was taking on a horrid stench.  Asher and his coworker showed up on time.  I was happy to see that both of them were American, clean cut, and English speaking.  Asher reassured me that he was more than equipped to handle any cleaning challenge he encountered, including a two day old chocolate protein shake.  During the course of the detailing process, I came out to check on them and they were always hard at work.  No sitting in their truck or talking on their cell phones like other detail companies I have used.  I think the entire job took them 4 hours to complete.  After they were done, I was blown away by the look of my truck.  It was like new again.  Stains that I thought would never come out were gone.  Little cracks and crevices that other detail companies overlooked were clean.  In addition, there was no leftover wax residue or greasy Amror All to deal with.  The truck looked spectacular.  Later that day, I took my truck to lunch and I had several people comment on how nice my truck looked.  I have owned this truck for several years now and no one has ever complemented me on my truck.  Also, it’s just a basic ordinary truck so to receive complements like that from total strangers is testament to how good a job Autohaus Detailing did.  In virtually every car wash or detailing experience I have had, I have never been totally satisfied.  There was always something that wasn’t quite right, but not this time.  This time I was actually wowed.  In my experience, there are many mobile car wash companies and there are even many mobile auto detailing companies, but there are few expert level detailers out there with the training, skill, experience, passion, and premium products that produce a wowing experience and Autohaus is one of them.  Give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.  I am a real customer.

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