I was originally looking for a decent detailer to do all of my cars for a good price, but I didn’t find that. I found the BEST detailer for an AMAZING price. If you have Autohaus detailing detailing your car, you have hit the lottery of best detailers around! Asher, the owner, personally takes your call, and finds exactly what you need. He doesn’t care if it’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or even a Gremlin – he will detail your car to the best of his ability, which is showroom quality! My first car that I brought to him was my black Yukon Denali. I figured he would be completed with the car within 3 or 4 hours, but he found a lot more stains that my family had created in the car from spilled Starbucks and dog hair, and he was working on the Denali for 9 hours! You really can’t find that kind of dedication anywhere anymore! When he was done, there was not a single thing I could spot to complain about. The car looked better than the day I bought it in the showroom brand new! Autohaus Detailing is worth the wait to get on his schedule, because I don’t trust a single other person to touch my vehicles at all! Call Asher now!

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